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Newly Admitted Attorneys

Each newly admitted attorney shall complete a minimum of 32 hours of accredited transitional education within the first two (2) years of admission to the Bar.  Sixteen (16) accredited hours shall be complete in each of the first two (2) years of admission to the Bar as follows: Three (3) hours of ethics and professionalism; Six (6) hours of skills; and Seven (7) hours of practice management and areas of professional practice

Newly admitted attorneys must fulfill their CLE requirements in traditional classroom settings unless an exception is granted by the New York State CLE Board.  

The ethics, professionalism, and skills components may be intertwined with other courses.

Experienced Attorneys

Experienced attorneys must complete 24 credit hours of accredited continuing education during each biennial reporting cycle. Four (4) credit hours must be in ethics and professionalism. The other credit hours may be in any combination of the following categories: ethics and professionalism, skills, practice management, or areas of professional practice.

Experienced attorneys must certify that they have satisfied this requirement beginning with the filing of their biennial registration statements in the year 2000.

Reporting Requirements

Each attorney subject to New York continuing education requirements shall retain the Certificate of Attendance or other documentation required by the Board for each approved education course, program, or activity for at least four (4) years from the date of the course, program, or activity.

Article 81 Certification

The Oneida County Bar Association in collaboration with the New York State Bar Association now offers certification of Court Evaluators or Guardians under Article 81 of NY Mental Hygiene Law.  Cost for non-attorneys is $50.00; all attorneys interested in this program must call the New York State Bar Association to arrange purchase of tapes and materials.  If you are a non-attorney and wish to schedule training at a convenient time and location, contact the OCBA office at 724-4901 or by email at 

    ** The rules for "Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Program for Attorneys in the State of New York," were adopted in the Joint Rules of the Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court, and are found at 22 N.Y.C.R.R. part 1500. The mandatory CLE rules can be accessed at NYSBA’s web site at, from the Unified Court System web site at or obtained by calling the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board at (212) 428-2105 (outside of New York City, call toll-free at 1-877-NYS-4CLE), (212) 428-2105 (for calls outside of New York City, toll-free at 1-877-NYS-4CLE). Questions about MCLE requirements may be directed to the NYS CLE Board by e-mail to


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