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   The OCBA will be recognizing attorneys who have practiced 50+ years (who have not previously been honored) at a special luncheon. We don’t want to miss anyone. Please call Diane at the Bar Association office (724-4901) if you are or you know of an attorney who has accomplished this milestone. Also, we are accepting nominations for honoring an attorney who is currently serving or has served our country in past years. Contact Norman Deep, Chair at 725-2008.


     New Hartford attorney John H. Snyder and the Oneida County Bar Association received top honors by separate sections of the New York State Bar Association last month in New York City.

     John received the Hurwitz Outstanding Lawyer Award on January 28. This award is given to an individual in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the practice of law. John is a 1998 University of Dayton law grad and is a partner of the Gitto & Neifer, LLP law firm of Binghamton, New York with offices at 605 French Road, New Hartford, NY.  He is the son of Mr. And Mrs. Donald James Snyder and resides in New Hartford, New York with his wife Renee and his four children, Sarah, Robert, Caitlin, and Donald.  

   In a separate awards ceremony on January 30, Past President Larry Golden accepted the 2008 Merit Award on behalf of the OCBA from the Bar Leaders division of the state bar association.  The award recognized the OCBA’s Law Day and Art of Innocence projects as the best public awareness programs in the state in the small bar association category.  

    A week later, at the request of NYSBA President Bernice Leber, Larry testified about the OCBA programs before a 15 member panel of the NYSBA Task Force on Wrongful Convictions at their hearing in NYC.  He emphasized the need for expanding public awareness about the causes of wrongful convictions, noting that the public (the pool of potential jurors) does not generally understand the lack of reliability of eye witness testimony, the questionability of jailhouse informant testimony, and that some “confessions” are in fact false.  He told the panel: “You can make all the legislative changes that the Task Force is proposing, but if you fail to change the mind-set of potential jurors, wrongful convictions will continue to occur.”   Larry joined Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld of the Innocence Project, exonerees Alan Newton, Jeffrey Deskovic, and Scott Fappiano, and several DA’s and Defense attorneys in urging a variety of approaches in dealing with the flaws in our criminal justice system that lead to wrongful convictions.     


     Many of you have been wondering about the status of an up-to- date Oneida County Bar Attorney directory and the promised pictorial composite. Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in the process and are currently investigating our options to produce the two at minimal cost to the Bar Association and the members.  

      In the past, we had an agreement with a company that took the pictures, published the directory and provided the composites to those who wanted them. That company agreed to sell advertising in the directory to cover the printing costs, as well as, I am sure, make a profit. The advertisements were solicited from local businesses who had a connection with the legal field.  Additionally, the company would make money from the sale of individual photo packets and composites.  Due to the general downturn in the economy over the last few years, as well as what the Board of Directors considered to be a lack of interest by the Directory company, sufficient advertising was not raised to cover the cost of the publication. Therefore, the alternatives were to either have the Bar Association expend considerable funds or charge members a fee for the directory.  These did not seem to be feasible alternatives so the Bar Association has decided to end its arrangement with the Directory company.  As part of the agreement, we will be obtaining the composite photographs which have already been taken. Also, all monies that were paid for advertisement were returned and any persons who ordered photographs should have received their package.

     We are currently in the process of exploring other options and hope to have a new directory and composite available by the end of the year.  We are looking into different alternatives, including the possibility of providing the directory in data form.  We are also looking to update the Bar Association web site to provide attorney contact information.

     If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact Ken Bobrow at 853-4436 or by e-mail at


   PARKING AVAILABLE: Hage & Hage, LLC has card-access parking places available in its parking lot on the corner of Elizabeth and Charlotte Streets across the street from the Oneida County Courthouse. The monthly cost is $35 plus tax. For additional information contact Hilary at 797-9850.
   OFFICE SPACE for rent available immediately. Approximately 1000 square feet, Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford. Rent negotiable, if interested call David Hartnett at 735-6487 ext 242.
   SEARCHING FOR THE WILL OF Patricia Marvin, deceased February 1, 2009. Her address is 6717 Fox Road, Marcy, NY 13403. If you have any information contact Diadre Carhart at (315) 865-6987.
   SUMMER INTERN: 2007 Adirondack High Valedictorian, currently a sophomore at Lafayette College, looking to intern/shadow in a law office or agency for summer 2009. Resume on file at the Bar Association office.


     The Oneida County Bar Association’s Past Presidents Committee is scheduling a meeting to select this year’s recipient of the Hugh R. Jones Award which will be presented at the annual Law Day luncheon.  The committee of past presidents welcome suggestions from the members of the Association for the Committee’s consideration. All such suggestions should be submitted to the Bar Association office no later than March 16, 2009. Please include biographical information concerning the nominee, as well as an outline of the services provided by our colleagues to our profession and the community in general. Any questions or for further information contact Lawrence W. Golden 732-5134.


     Effective January 23, 2009 Chapter 595 of the Laws of 2008 requires the Supreme and Family Courts to conduct a check of multiple databases when issuing permanent, temporary or successive custody or visitation orders. Searches will be made to the statewide Domestic Violence Registry, child protective data and Family Court warrants. Additionally the legislation requires a search of the Sex Offender Registry. In all contested and uncontested matrimonial actions commenced in Oneida County Supreme Court in which custody is addressed, the following information must be provided: full name and date of birth of plaintiff, defendant and children. The Supreme Court Clerk's office will begin sending out a data collection form with the notice of preliminary conference. Forms are available at the Supreme Court Clerk's office for pick up. Please feel free to contact Joseph P. Panella, Chief Clerk with any questions.


     The Oneida County Bar Association is in the process of producing membership cards for all 2009  member of OCBA.  President Girouard would like to compile a list of locally owned businesses that are willing to provide discounts to OCBA members.  If you know of a business owner who may be interested in providing a discount to our membership, please provide that business person with the form below and ask them to return it to Diane at the Bar office.  The success of providing a greater number of benefits will depend upon members getting personally involved (suggestions include restaurants, office supplies, spas, florists, auto, etc).


     OCBA welcomes your nominations for the NYSBA 2009 President’s Pro Bono Service Award. These awards are given to recognize outstanding pro bono service of lawyers and convey the message to the legal profession and the general public about the importance of pro bono service in helping to provide all New Yorkers with access to the justice system. Twenty awards will be presented. One in each of the States 13 judicial districts, one to a young lawyer (less than 10 years practicing or under age 36), one to an attorney serving as in-house counsel or government, and to one senior attorney. Also, one award to a large firm, one to a mid-size or small firm, one to a law student and one to a law school group.

     Please submit your nominations by March 10th to the Bar Association office specifying the name, address, and phone number of the nominee along with a description as to why you believe they should receive this award. 2009 High School.

Mock Trial Tournament

     The New York State Bar Association and the Oneida County Bar Association are proud to announce the annual statewide 2009 High School Mock Trial Tournament. This year’s case is a civil case entitled Chris  Cross v. Randy E. Porter. 

     We are looking for attorneys to volunteer as judges. The competitions will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the Oneida County Courthouse, Utica on March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th. We ask for a two-hour commitment for each trial that you judge, as well as a  review of the rules of the Mock trial competition which are available through Erin Gall at Judge Donalty’s Chambers or through Paula Eannace at the Supreme Court Law Library. Information may also be obtained online at through the Law, Youth & Citizenship Committee.

     CLE credits are available for all volunteers. If you are interested in participating, please contact Erin Gall at 798-5224 or

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