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Article VI - Procedure for Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors

1. General. All officers and directors shall be elected at annual meeting of the Association.
2. Nominating Committee. A meeting of the Association shall be held at such time and place as called by the President for the purpose of selecting a Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) active members of the Association. Three (3) members of the Committee shall be elected by a majority of the membership of the Association at this meeting, and two (2) members of the Committee shall be appointed by the President. The President shall also appoint, from those selected as members of the Committee, a Chairperson of the Committee. The Nominating Committee shall nominate candidates for those offices and directorships to be filled by election at the annual meeting and shall file its report with the Secretary on or before November 10 of each year.
3. Telephonic Participation. Any one or more members of the Nominating Committee may participate in a meeting of that Committee by means of a telephone or other electronic equipment allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other at the same time. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at the meeting.
4. Nominations by Individual Members. Any twenty five (25) active members may nominate an additional candidate or candidates to any office or directorship. That nomination, made in writing and subscribed by at least twenty five (25) active members, shall be filed with the Secretary at least ten (10) days before the annual meeting. No additional nominations may be submitted in any other form or manner.
5. Notice of Nominations. The Secretary shall post the list of candidates selected by the Nominating Committee at the office of the Association at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the annual meeting and shall provide notice to each member of the Association either by mail, electronic means including telecopier, and/or e -mail together with notice of the annual meeting. The Secretary shall also post and provide notice by any of the means listed above, any additional nominations by the membership, to each member at least three days before the date of the annual meeting.
6. Preparation of Ballot. In the event that additional candidates are nominated by the membership, the Secretary shall prepare a paper ballot for the election of officers and directors and shall distribute that paper ballot to each member present at that meeting and eligible to vote. Only those active members present at the annual meeting shall be eligible to vote.
7. Vote Count by Tellers. The President shall, if necessary, appoint tellers to have custody and charge of ballots cast at the annual meeting and to count the vote. The tellers shall count the vote and report the result at the annual meeting. In the event of a tie between two or more candidates for the same position, a second vote shall be taken involving those candidates. If after a second vote, the tie is not broken between candidates for the office of President, the winner shall be selected by lot. If after a second vote, the tie is not broken between candidates for an office or position other than President, the President shall, in her/his discretion, select the manner of breaking the tie, which may include the selection of the winner by the President.
8. Electioneering. Solicitation of votes and campaigning, if any, should be conducted in a manner keeping with the dignity of the profession.
9. Commencement of Term. Newly elected officers and directors shall take office on January 1 following their election.

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