January Message from The President

Paula J. Eannace, Esq.

Dear OCBA member:

STOP for a moment.

Do you remember why you decided to join the legal profession? 

Do you remember that moment in time when you decided you wanted to be a lawyer and tackle all the hurdles it takes to become a lawyer?

Hurdles such as:
Taking  the LSATs?  Law school applications? Interviewing at the law schools? The first year of law school and the introduction of the "Socratic" method? Law school commencement? Or perhaps you were admitted by completing one year of law school and 3 years of study in a law firm? Passing the MPREL (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam)?  Taking the dreaded New York State Bar examination? Waiting for the results of the Bar Examination? The mandatory 50 hours of pro bono work?  Do you recall the day you were admitted to practice in  the ceremony hosted by one of the four Judicial Departments?  What about the mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirements we all must adhere to?

You accomplished all that. You raced over these hurdles and more.

Remember all you have accomplished. Note that your fellow attorneys have also jumped these hurdles. Be proud of your profession, whatever the reason you chose it. Defend your profession, strive to make it better, awaken from the deep fog that COVID created.

Enjoy your fellow attorneys and the comradery you share. Enjoy the networking that the Oneida County Bar Association offers you. Be proud of your profession and of the Oneida County Bar Association which represents you.

The OCBA is a not for profit corporation that is over 118 years old. The OCBA consists of approximately 350 proud members who constitute a community of individuals who all decided to become a part of the legal community for their own individual reasons.

We thank you for being a member of the Oneida County Bar Association and we offer you a challenge. Find a friend or colleague who never joined the OCBA, or a person who was formerly a member and is not currently, and encourage them and to join again and be part of the proud organization that represents us all. The OCBA is here to represent you, and we are open to any suggestions you may have.

In the next newsletters, (instead of a President's message), we will be featuring a history of local law firms, starting with the law firm of Hage and Hage. If you would like your law firm to be featured in an upcoming OCBA newsletter, please contact Paula J. Eannace, at (315) 896-4460, or peannace7@gmail.com.

Wishing you a healthy and peaceful 2024.

Very truly yours,

Paula J. Eannace, Esq., President, Oneida County Bar Association