Message From The President

Hon. Paul M. Deep

I’m incredibly honored to serve as the President of our Bar Association for 2019. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors and members of our Association to enhance and improve the services that we provide.

Our Association is rich with a history of honor and tradition. As we have for so many years, the Bar Association held the Annual Memorial Mass on the first Wednesday of the year. This year we celebrated the lives and the achievements of five outstanding members of our legal community.

Peter S. Zogby, Esq. was eulogized by the Hon. Robert F. Julian
George A. Shaffer, Esq. was eulogized by the Hon. John W. Grow
James S. Kernan, Jr., Esq. was eulogized by Leighton R. Burns, Esq.
The Hon. John E. Flemma was eulogized by Jay Flemma, Esq.
Jeffrey T. Lottermoser, Jr., Esq. eulogized Antonio John Faga, Esq.

All five of the speakers shared moving stories of our lost colleagues and truly captured their essence.

Another proud tradition of our Bar Association is the Honor Guard that forms just prior to a deceased colleague’s services. I believe that the Honor Guard is a great showing of respect for our lost friends and is very powerful for the family and friends of the deceased attorney. As attorneys we know the sacrifices that we have to make as part of our profession, but the Annual Mass and the Honor Guard also recognizes the sacrifices that our family members and friends make.

I would strongly encourage as many attorneys to attend the Honor Guard as possible. It is an experience that further unites us as colleagues and as friends. We usually lose approximately five attorneys a year and we should make it a priority to honor them and their families at their services.